Thursday, 5 September 2013

K4fins now available for SUP!

K4fins have just launched their range of SUP fins which is really exciting, and I cannot wait to try them out!!! (my order is being shipped right now :))

K4 is the sail number of Steve Thorp, a UK HotsailsMaui rider. Based in Leicester Steve travels literally hundreds of miles to find the best breaks with the best conditions. Steve turned the wind skunkings into surf opportunities and consequently is a pretty good surfer. This is where K4fins started.

K4fins have now been running for a couple of years. In this short period of time the brand has projected itself onto a global arena. Pro Riders such as Graham Ezzy, Jamie Hancock, Fin Mullen and Mikey Clancy have chosen the fins out of preference.

Their signature trait is the OptoFlex.OptoFlex is a molded resin long fibre matrix that has been carefully manipulated to provide the perfect flex patterns for windsurfing and surfing. The K4 technicians took a long time to create the perfect material with the qualities needed to provide the performance we now appreciate. Lighter, snappier and with outstanding flex memory. The fins are extremely robust too -they haven't had a single return through breakage.

K4fins are available in Ireland at

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