Monday, 9 September 2013

Brrrrr - Onshore surf - Rossnowlagh - Stun Gun 9'2

Was up in Rossnowlagh for the day yesterday and as I was in the van, said I'd go for a quick surf.

Conditions weren't exactly perfect, 15kts onshore and 1 foot swell. Went out anyway to get some onshore practice, as when you're in competition, its not always perfect! (Even at the Sligo Open recently was 4 foot messy onshore for the competition). Got a few ok ones, and it was good practice - You rarely choose to be out in onshore...

There were a few people out but Rossnowlagh was pretty much deserted as schools are back.

Was trying my new GoPro surf mounts (front and back) also. The front mount worked well (as always).  The back however is a little low as it was constantly in the water. Think it needs an arm to keep it at calf level. The angle is cool however, and I got one good shot from it (below). 

My gopro housing got a little scraped from being at the bottom of the sea, so I need a new lens.

The Jimmy Lewis StunGun 9'2 (124 litres) was surprisingly stable, even in the chop. Was really impressed with it. Makes me want a smaller one for the perfect days!

I've been testing moving my back foot really far back when hitting the lip, trying to really pivot the turns and kick out the fins.

Warmed up afterwards with coffee and sandwich from Surfed Out, before I hit the road home again. It's great to have somewhere like that after your surf.

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