Friday, 30 August 2013

My GoPro returns!!! And I got to make a video too....

Great story to go with this...

I had a perfect session lined up in early July with my friend Eoin Kelly. As it was nice and sunny, I set up the GoPro ( camera up on my SUP. 

After an hour or two of catching perfect donegal waves, my GoPro fell into the water. Deep Water.

I ran out to the van and got snorkels and fins, but still couldn't find it, lost forever. #Gutted.

6 weeks later, I got a call. Christian (http://cmcleod.comhad found the camera washed up on the beach!!

The GoPro was recording when it fell in so there was hours of footage of the bottom of the sea. 

Some of it was quite interesting so I put it into the video.

Vimeo: Youtube is below:

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